Tracking Adele's YouTube Popularity

October 04, 2011

Adele released the video for her single "Someone Like You" last week, and it's been seen over 3.4 million times since last Tuesday, making it the most viewed music video uploaded in the past seven days.

The clip is just her second full official video since "Rolling in the Deep" was posted way back last November. "Rolling" has over 140 million views and remains in the top 10 on YouTube's music charts. There are also a number of covers of the song that have over one million views.

We don't know how well "Someone Like You" will do just yet, though it's unlikely it would follow the same trajectory that "Rolling in the Deep" took. "Rolling in the Deep" took two months to reach 3.4 million views and, as our viewing data shows, the video didn't peak until this past summer.

The chart below is composed of monthly viewing totals: