Footage from Occupy Protests This Weekend U.S. and Abroad

October 17, 2011

More dramatic videos were posted and shared this weekend from the Occupy Wall Street movement and its various large scale demonstrations over the weekend. Noteably, New York protesters took to Times Square where a big crowd was captured on video:

Among the other videos from New York drawing attention today are the arrests made at a NYC Citibank as well as video of a man identified as a 24-year-old Marine Corps Sergeant addressing police officers in Time Square.

But perhaps the protest story of the weekend were the demonstrations that took place outside of New York and sometimes outside of the United States. Here is a selection:

Widely seen video from Puerta del Sol
Protesting turned to rioting in some places
March down Michigan Ave
Footage of Cornell West being arrested
Julian Assange spotted in the crowd
Interview with an "Occupy" protester in Sydney

More video of the weekend's events can be found at CitizenTube.