Seniors Using Webcam = Viral Hit

September 15, 2011

One of the most popular trending videos of the week is this clip of two seniors trying to operate a webcam with little success. Its popularity is evidenced by the nearly two million views over the past few days and by this sample of today's top rising searches: "old couple computer," "elderly couple can t figure out computer," "older couple trying to take picture on computer," "old couple trying to skype," "seniors accidental video." It's also the most-shared video of the day.

The video -- which was uploaded in August by a user named Mindy in the United States -- first became popular on pop-culture sites Tuesday afternoon, and drew 1.6 million views on Wednesday.

This is actually not the first clip of its kind to draw a big audience. Back in June, Rita and Frank's similarly accidental clip also drew a following and 1.4 million views.