Back to 'Back to the Future'

September 13, 2011

One of the more surprising trends of last week was 1980's classic Back to the Future, which has had a series of related videos draw much attention over the past few weeks and saw a big spike in searches last Thursday and Friday.

Two companies, one U.S.-based one Argentina-based, leveraged the film -- which has a popular cult following -- to create successful viral ad campaigns recently. Garbarino, an electronics chain in South America where the film is known as Volver al Futuro, enlisted Christopher Lloyd aka Dr. Emmett Brown for a viral campaign that began with some strange bystander footage of a Delorean in the streets and resulted in this video that's been seen 800,000 times.

The more traditional ad hit the web mid-last week and was also very popular in Argentina.

In the U.S., the buzz was around a big revelation from Nike that an Air Mag sneaker, replicating the ones worn by Marty McFly in the second film, would be released. Word for spread with this vague video that drew over 2.4 million views in the past week.

Eventually, Nike revealed that the shoes would indeed be released, but in limited quantity and via eBay auction. Below you can see the full promo, which features Bill Hader and Kevin Durant and drew 1.5 million views, as well as a chart of weekly search interest in the term "back to the future" recently:

Michael J. Fox also recorded a video urging people to bid on the Mag sneakers. That clip has nearly drawn 1 million views as well.

More: Back to the Future II is available on YouTube.