What They're Watching: Memorable Ads

August 23, 2011

This post was authored by Michelle Castillo as a part of a YouTube Trends series exploring the videos being watched this week by the team at What's Trending.

Advertising is a multimillion dollar business run by the talented men and women who come up with creative ways each day to get us to buy their products. The newest ad that has hit our radar is the “TRON”-themed video for Duck Tape, featuring the one and only TRON guy.

There've been a lot of memorable ads -- for all kinds of reasons -- that have made it to YouTube. Here are some of our favorites.

Does your man smell like this man? Is he on a horse? This Old Spice ad starring Isaiah Mustafa has become legend.

This ad made the rounds for being one of the most misogynistic ads ever created. The advertisers might as well have just made the woman say, “Signs confusing. Can’t drive. Must go back to kitchen.”

For those of you entranced by Rube Goldberg machines, here’s another one for you. And, for all you people out there who doubt it, it’s not CGI.

A commercial this racy would never make it on American airwaves…. hence why it’s French.

And, my personal favorite: The ESPN Ole Miss “Star Wars” spot that will appeal to the football/”Star Wars” fan in you. Who wouldn’t want Admiral Ackbar to be their mascot? He has lasers!

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