Portal Fan Videos Spill Over into Real World

August 24, 2011

The most recent big wave of Portal fever may be in the past, but this week, fan-made videos based on the popular video game have been spreading quickly, and many fantasize bringing the game into the real world.

"Portal" searches hit their highest peak back in April, when Portal 2 hit the street, but two new portal clips from its fans are drawing big audiences these past two days. This cinematic, real-life recreation of the game and its lead character has quickly become one of YouTube's most-shared and most-viewed videos, drawing around a million views in just the past day.

This is not the first real-life interpretation of the game, however. In addition to this, some of YouTube's special effects aficionados -- FreddieW and FinalCutKing -- have created popular comedy videos exploring the logistics of owning an actual portal gun:

This week though, a second popular Portal video started to take off as recently as yesterday and may be part of video game proposal trend that seems to be developing:

And let's not forget that puppet from last week.

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