More Videos of the Quake on Camera

August 24, 2011

As we've already outlined, there was an large reaction to yesterday's east coast earthquake that immediately played out on YouTube in the form of a spike in search interest and an influx of reaction and caught-on-camera videos. Today, more footage accidentally capturing the quake is spreading around the northeast United States.

We examined the most-viewed and most-shared videos in the major cities affected by the earthquake and collected a few more videos of it by people and production crews that just happen to have their cameras rolling when it struck.

Several more videos plus other reactions are available here.

So far, the most popular video to come out of the event was this clip -- which was in our post yesterday -- from a parking lot in Tyson's Corner, Virginia depicting what appears to be one of the few reported instances of major damage from the quake. It's been seen over 250,000 times so far and is among the most-shared and most-viewed videos nationally.