Ken Block Accelerates Quickly (Again)

August 23, 2011

Stunt Driver Ken Block's Gymkhana Four is off to a fast start in its first week. With 5.7 million views, it's the second most-viewed video of the past week, behind only Lady Gaga's new video for "YoĆ¼ & I," which has been seen 9.5 million times.

As the title implies, this is the fourth in a series for Block and DC shoes. Last September's Gymkhana Three was seen 23 million times by the year's end and was one of 2011's ten most-viewed videos. That clip drew 7.4 million views the first week it was posted, so Gymkhana Four is not far off pace. Gymkhana Two, which has 28 million views at present, drew 2 million views its first week.

Here's a chart that shows the big peak in views Block's new video hit on Wednesday:

Much like its predecessors, Gymkhana Four also has a big international following with heavy popularity in Europe and other parts of the world. The clip is down from its peak, but still averages hundreds of thousands of views per day.