The East Coast Earthquake on YouTube

August 23, 2011

We're seeing a big spike in searches this afternoon related to the earthquake that struck the east coast. Most of the searches are tied to the regions that felt the tremors including, D.C., Virginia, and New York. Carole King's "I Feel the Earth Move" is near the top of rising searches as well and is currently the fast rising music search.

As of 6pmET, nearly 2,300 videos tagged with "earthquake" have been uploaded past the previous 24 hours, though it's unclear how many are directly tied to this event. Many of these are reaction videos from people who wanted to share their experience and thoughts immediately following the quake:

We're also seeing a bunch of videos posted from people who happened to have their cameras running for one reason or another when the earthquake hit. Here's a playlist of a few:

Some feel a little less genuine than others. In fact, there are quite a few videos that are being posted poking fun at the "hysteria" around the relatively minor, though very unexpected earthquake.

There are many news videos and reports regarding the quake also hitting YouTube quickly, not all of them professional...