4 in the Afternoon: Yo-Yo Owl

August 08, 2011

Twice each day we scan our YouTube metrics as well as websites on the cutting edge of internet culture to discover the most buzzed about videos.
First Place Yo-Yo Squiggle Inception Copper Pipe and Magnet Slow Motion Owl
  1. Meet Shinji Saito, the 2011 2A World Yo-Yo winner. As seen on Neatorama.
  2. Vi Hart composes another elaborate meditation on doodling. And it's among our Most Shared videos.
  3. For your inner scientist comes this video of the strange phenomenon between a copper pipe and neodymium magnets. As seen on Reddit.
  4. This super slo-mo 2009 video of an owl swooping in spread quickly over the weekend. As seen on BoYT.