10 Most Popular Spike Jonze Videos

August 12, 2011

Director Spike Jonze famously made a name for himself producing unique and stylish music videos that many who've grown up in the past two decades are likely familiar with. His latest work is the video for Jay-Z and Kanye West's new single, "Otis," that saw its highly anticipated debut last evening and has quickly become a top rising search on the site. It drew over 100,000 views overnight in just the first 12 hours.

Jonze's two most-viewed videos on YouTube are 2007's "Flashing Lights" (22 million views), which was another collaboration with West, and Weezer's "Island in the Sun" (11 million views). Despite the fact that many of Jonze's best-known work was created and released pre-YouTube, his videos have been seen on the platform in the neighborhood of 100 million times so far.

(May take a moment to load. Watch them all in a playlist here.)

Fun fact: Jonze recently also drew 1.4 million views for a quick, personal video he shot of Yo-Yo Ma performing with a dancer named Lil' Buck at a charity event.