Marine Balls: The hottest ticket since the Oscars?

July 21, 2011

It’s been a big summer for the Marines on YouTube, since Sergeant Scott Moore, currently stationed in Afghanistan, asked Mila Kunis to his Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, North Carolina.

Moore’s YouTube invitation has received over 3.3 million views to date and after much “will she or won’t she” speculation, it looks like Kunis will be taking Moore up on his offer.

Now Marines across the country are trying their luck with Hollywood’s top celebs. Kunis’s co-star, Justin Timberlake has accepted an invite to a similar ball, while Golden Girl Betty White turned down Sergeant Ray Lewis for an October Marine gala.

On Tuesday, Terminator star Linda Hamilton turned the tables and said she would go with Lewis to the ball in lieu of White. This video makes YouTube’s trending list this week.

This week, PFC Hart who is stationed at Camp Pendleton in California, also joined the fray by asking Miley Cyrus to be his date for his upcoming Marine ball. Here’s his video: