Grand Rapids, Michigan: Lip-Dub Capital of America?

July 13, 2011

Grand Rapids is at it again this week with their incredible lip-dub ways.

As you may recall, in late May the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan created a "world record" lip-dub featuring 5,000 residents that quickly spread around the country, drawing over 3.6 million views.

Lip-dubs, choreographed, elaborate lip-sync performances, have existed on YouTube for years and have been popular with students in the United States as well as (if not more so) with students in Europe.

Interestingly, a look at YouTube search data shows that the biggest spike in searches we've seen for "lip dub" (red) coincides closely with searches for "grand rapids" (blue):

Well, now, another group of residents in Grand Rapids -- this time from the Clark Retirement Community -- teamed up with students from Grand Valley State to produce a new Michael Buble lip-dub, a video that's drawing attention since it was featured on Gawker.

Grand Valley Students have actually demonstrated their epic lip-dubbing skills in the past.