10 Most-Viewed Rube Goldberg Machines of All-Time

July 13, 2011

As you can see in today's 4 @ 4 AM, one of the day's trending clips is this impressive Rube Goldberg contraption from 2D Photography, which uses only camera equipment. We decided to look at the data for the 10 most-viewed such videos of all-time.

There are some well-known machines that didn't make the cut -- like this proposal -- but the ones that did make it varied from simple at-home creations to elaborate works by creative professionals.

Of course, our list is topped off by one of the most-watched videos of 2010, the machine created for Ok Go's "This Too Shall Pass."

(May take a moment to load in full.)

Methodology: We ranked the most-viewed videos containing "rube goldber" in their title or in their tags and removed 3D animations -- except 1 -- as well as documentary clips and domino-based contraptions. We'll save the dominoes for another time.