Personal Videos from Popular Celebs

June 08, 2011

For years, celebrities have used YouTube as a platform to connect with fans, and in recent weeks, a few big name stars have been drawing interest with their personal vlogs. Actress Nicole Kidman is the most recent, posting a clip addressing her fans from an HBO set, saying that it's the first of more to come:

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been posting his "from the desk of Donald Trump" vlogs since February, but his two most popular videos -- a response to his pizza meal with Sarah Palin and his thoughts on Anthony Weiner, respectively -- were posted in just the past two weeks.

Maria Shriver, who has a number of clips from the past few months, posted a video back in March asking fans for their thoughts on life transitions. It suddenly saw a huge spike in attention in May when she and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger went public with their separation:

Three very different celebrities for sure, but each seem to have enough star-power to make fans take notice.