Minecraft: The Trend Continues

June 03, 2011

Back in December, we explored how Minecraft videos might have been the biggest unknown trend of late 2010. For those that don't know, Minecraft is an indie video game that surged in popularity last fall with a "sandbox" format allowing the user to build structures out of blocks and tools.

As its popularity grew, some pros began constructing elaborate designs they wanted to share with the world, and YouTube soon began seeing a rise in documentations of their work.

The video below, which spiked in views this week, shows that this trend is stil very much alive and evolving. (Between tutorials and other fan projects, over 35,000 Minecraft-related videos were uploaded in the past month.) A time-lapse of a number of days of work, the clip drew a big audience from Reddit and Minecraft forums and is a prime example of the kinds of incredible creations we're still seeing and fans are still seeking out: