Halo 4 Trailer a Top Rising Search; Kinect Videos Spread

June 06, 2011

The E3 trade show -- aka Electronic Entertainment Expo -- officially kicks off tomorrow, but a series of pre-expo announcement videos have already begun spreading following Microsoft's press conference today.

The top rising search on YouTube this afternoon is "halo 4 trailer" as the first preview for the latest installment of the super-popular game saw its release. (Interesting note: when Halo: Reach hit stores in September and the epic "Deliver Hope" trailer was released, that game became the top rising search of the entire month.)

While that video spread quickly via social media, preview videos of upcoming releases for Microsoft's Kinect device were also among top shared videos on Twitter. In particular, peeks at the new Star Wars game as well as "Kinect Sports" are seeing lots of interest: