Big with Gleeks: Mini Warbler

June 06, 2011

FOX's "Glee" may be on summer hiatus, but fans of the show still have some fun videos to enjoy. A clip of a young fan mimicing the performance of "Teenage Dream" by ficitional a cappella group the "Dalton Academy Warblers" from the show has has been spreading on Twitter -- and has begun appearing on blogs -- since it was shared by "Glee" cast member (and Warbler) Telly Leung, who wrote, "Amazing! This kid has me fearing for my job."

The original version of the performance, which aired last November, is available on YouTube and has been seen over 22 million times since it was posted and is the second most-viewed video on the official "Glee" channel. Searches for "Glee" on YouTube have continued to climb in the past year, hitting their peak in May. In 2010, the top rising "Glee"-related search was for the "Teenage Dream" performance.

At posting, the "Mini Warbler," who performs the full choreography from the original, still has a small number of views, but it will be interesting to see where it goes from here given the popularity of the original and the show's growing fan-base:

Update: A little attention from Darren Criss, the original Warbler himself, doesn't hurt either.