The First Lady and a Search History of 'The Dougie'

May 04, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama and her dance moves were a top rising search on YouTube today as Tuesday footage of her from a D.C.-area school for the "Let's Move" initiative to combat childhood obesity spread around pop-culture sites. In particular, it was her performance of "the dougie" dance that made the most headlines and appears to have sparked the most conversation.

The dougie became a major YouTube trend last year, and is now pretty much a staple. A search for "the dougie" will return tens of thousands of results. The chart below shows changes for weekly relative search interest in the term "dougie" on YouTube dating back to 2008:

(May take a moment to load in full.)

If you mouse over the points, you'll see when Cali Swag District's official video for the song "Teach Me How to Dougie" was posted and when NBA star John Wall's unique intro occurred. But you'll also notice that some popular videos of the dance long pre-date those.