Finals Week Means It's Time for a Flash Mob

May 06, 2011

We've spent lots of time on flash mobs recently since they seem to be the trend that goes on and on. As we noted, previously, "flash mob" performance videos started years ago (see: The 10 Most Viewed Flash Mobs of All Time ), but truly got a shot in the arm over Christmas when hallelujah flash mobs were surprising mall shoppers around the country and became the biggest trend of the holidays.

Nearly 2,000 "flash mob"-related videos have been uploaded in the past seven days, though it should be noted that many people perhaps incorrectly described the gatherings/celebrations this week following the news of Osama bin Laden's death as "flash mobs."

Now, as college students are taking their final exams, we're seeing a whole new crop of college/university flash mob videos popping up this week. In the past few days, some have been appearing on Most Shared lists across the country, like this one from Loyola in Chicago, which was trending in that city:

But speaking of debatable flash mobs, we're also seeing many that are more just choreographed public performances than the traditional flash mobs, where the audience of strangers is completely taken off-guard by the performers. Take this one for example, which has been popular across North and South Carolina:

It was almost exactly a year ago that the Ohio State's Union flash mob first took off, drawing over two million views and becoming the most well-known of the college dance flash mobs. (Cornell had one of the early famous general ones, with their Pirate flash mob.)

Below is a playlist collegiate flash mob videos from all over the United States, just from the past few weeks. It's worth noting that nearly all of them were uploaded by the Universities themselves:

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here.)