Australia's 'Planking' Craze Spreads

May 17, 2011

"Planking," the game of laying still, facedown on the ground in unusual places, has existed for a number of years, but it's recently become a phenomenon in Australia and is now drawing lots of attention here in the United States. Over the weekend, this news report from an Australian network became popular here when it was picked up by American web culture blogs:

The report is one of the the most-viewed video in Australia today, but has also been one of the top Trending Videos globally. This week reports of a man who died performing a stunt on an apartment balcony served to fuel interest internationally.

As the fad has grown, more and more compilations and video clips of these pranksters have been appearing on the site. Roughly 600 "planking"-related videos have been uploaded in the past week. The playlist below contains a few examples: