10 Ways to Ask A Date to Prom

May 04, 2011

On Friday, we looked at 10 trending wedding and "romance" videos from the month of April, and among that selection of casanova clips was footage of some very popular videos of students asking out their prom dates. As it turns out, we are seeing tons of prom-ask or "prom-posal" videos popping up on YouTube, which catalogue the creative lengths some high schoolers have gone to in order to secure that all-important date to the big dance.

Some YouTube users are actually using YouTube videos to do the asking (see here and here), while others are opting for public embarrassment (see a number of examples below).

Below you will find 10 popular and semi-popular videos from around the country. Some are cute, some are funny, and all are from this 2011 school year.

(May take a moment to load. Watch the full playlist here.)