10 Popular Tilt-Shift Short Films

April 06, 2011

Tilt-shift videography, where the lens is manipulated to create a model-like effect on the subject, has been very popular among some YouTube circles for some time now, but a look at YouTube's search data shows that relative search interest in "tilt shift" has been steadily on the rise since late 2008, hitting its largest peak just last month.

Disney has found a lot of success with the medium, drawing over a million views for their tilt-shift shorts. The miniaturizing effect accomplished with the tilt-shift style lends itself incredibly well to the whimsical architecture and atmosphere at the Walt Disney Theme Parks. Photographer Keith Loutit's works are probably best known and the most closely identified with the style.

These popular videos have inspired lots of other would-be short filmmakers. One of the most popular tilt-shift related videos is actually a how-to and number of photographers and graphic artists have posted instructional videos on how to achieve the effect.

Below we've collected 10 of the most popular tilt-shift videos of all time on YouTube. Have other favorites we missed? Drop them in the comments below!

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