Which Trailers Saw the Biggest Oscar Bump?

March 03, 2011

In the lead up to the Academy Awards, we broke down the most-viewed trailers for the best picture nominees. After the ceremony, we decided to check back in on those movies to see how their showing affected interest on YouTube.

Interest in The Black Swan saw the biggest bump around Oscar weekend. It was the movie that saw the largest spike in YouTube search interest the day after the Oscars and its most-popular trailer drew over half a million views between Feb 27th and March 1st. In the search department, Inception, Toy Story 3, The Fighter, and 127 Hours saw spikes as well.

Best Picture winner The King's Speech also drew increased attention, though it saw a smaller spike in search interest on YouTube in comparison to some of the other nominees. Naturally, the trailer for The King's Speech also drew a sharp increase in views the day after the film's victory. Here's a chart of the trailer's views from the past few months:

Other interesting notes:
  • 127 Hours trailer also saw a big Oscar spike, but it peaked on Feb 27th, the day of the ceremony, when it drew 106,000 views, as opposed to the day after, when some of the other Best Picture films peaked.

  • The evening of the ceremony, the trailer for documentary winner Inside Job was appearing among YouTube's overall rising searches.

  • The trailer for The Social Network saw its highest awards-season spike following it's January Golden Globes win.

  • Lesser known films like Winter's Bone and The Kids Are All Right saw small bumps in search interest following the nominations in late January, but did not see much of a relative spike around the awards themselves.