What Is This 'Apaci Dansi' Video?

March 01, 2011

If you've been tracking our Most Shared feed over the last two days, then you may have come across this gem, which was posted by a user in Germany:

The video was posted on the 20th, but only had a few thousand views through the 25th, mostly coming from Germany and Turkey, the two countries where it's been the most regionally popular. But in the past three days it's picked up over a million views from across Europe, Argentina, and the United States and it's still among our Most Shared videos.

So what is it exactly?

"Apaci" style, according to one explanation, is a Turkish subculture "which takes its name from the American Indian people: Apaches." Though at least one YouTube user says it doesn't have much to do with Native American, but is just a fun dance from Turkey.

There are many examples of the "Apaci Dansi" posted on YouTube, with the most popular bunch posted last spring. Below you'll find a playlist of examples all uploaded by users with channels from Turkey:

So, while to some it just looks like a dad doing a silly dance, to some users the "Hasan Baba" Apache dance has actually got the added funny layer of being sort of like a Turkish version of watching your dad do, say, "the dougie."

Of course, here in the United States, we also have a different concept of what the "Apache dance" exactly means.

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