The Rebecca Black Phenomenon

March 14, 2011

Last Friday, an unknown singer named Rebecca Black began a sudden upward trajectory that would catapult her into what's become one of the biggest viral phenomena of the moment. Her video for the song "Friday," was picked up by pop culture blogs on Friday and spread quickly across the weekend. "Rebecca Black" has been a trending topic on Twitter since last evening.

Up until last Thursday, the clip had drawn just over one thousand views. The video, which was posted Feb 10, now has over 2 million views and was seen over 1.3 million times yesterday alone:

Partly attributable to the sudden rise were postings by some influential tweeters on Friday who helped spread the music video. MST3K comedian Michael J. Nelson was among them and wrote, "Let this be on your lips as you head into the weekend (it also answer the ? 'what's the worst video ever made?')"

There was a similar tone taken by the pop culture sites that picked it up that day. Collectively, the video and song have become the target of jokes, criticism, and confusion on a massive viral level.

In fact, the single has inspired a number of tongue-in-cheek, parody covers ranging from pianos and banjos to a Bob Dylan imitation. We've put together a playlist below.

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here.)