The Most Popular 'TED Talks'

March 09, 2011

Following last week's TED Conference -- Technology, Entertainment and Design -- we looked into YouTube search data and have found that searches for "TED Talk" have gradually been increasing over time and recently have been reaching their highest point ever. TED's channel is also now the #1 subscribed non-profit channel on YouTube and over 200 talks have been posted in the past year alone. Videos from TED, the slogan for which is "Ideas Worth Spreading," have been viewed around 60 million times.

So which ideas have "spread" the most on YouTube, so to speak? The most-watched TED talk from the past year is the "Minority Report"-style interface demo by inventor John Underkoffler, but the top five most-viewed are all from at least a few videos, and, unlike the usual trending videos featured here, these videos have gradually accumulated their high view counts over time.

At the top of the diverse list is Tony Robbins 2007 talk:

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