Mapping the Latest Libya Footage

March 03, 2011

More video has continued to pour in each day from Libya as tensions continue to rise in the north African country. CitizenTube has libraries of over 200 on-the-scene videos from Libya alone. One video that came in today that purports to show the aftermath of a clash outside of the airport in Misurata:

We often focus on viewing and search data on Trends, but there's a lot of geographic information that can be applied to this type of footage that provides additional context around some of the dramatic video we've been seeing from the region.

Our curation partners at went through Google and GeoEye imagery to find what appears to be the location of the footage in question, and have indicated the spot where it's likely the videographer was standing:

(These particular images were captured this week as a part of a special collection. Media interested in this satellite imagery can use this KML file with your edition of Google Earth to see the latest from the area.)