Charlie Sheen 'Winning' YouTube

March 08, 2011

He's a #1 topic on Google News and "Charlie Sheen" is the top overall rising search of the past 30 days, even besting "Born This Way," the Lady Gaga single that's also produced a popular video and cover.

But through interviews that have been viewed upwards of 5 million times, he's also coined some viral terminology that's making its way across popular web culture. Take a look at this U.S. search interest graph dating back to 2008:

But the "winning" trend is not limited to searches*. "Charlie Sheen Winning" remains one of YouTube's top Trending Topics, and use of the term "winning" has been trending across just about every metric we have. Specifically, we're seeing a glut of music parodies, three (three!) of which are appearing on today's Most Shared videos list alone:

This dubstep remix was posted March 2nd and has been viewed over 2 million times.And this parody posted on the 5th has been viewed over 200,000 times.

Now, YouTube's best known auto-tune musicians, the Gregory Brothers, have released their own remix, which is quickly drawing views:

Here's a playlist of some of the songs we've seen popping up including this live jam, which was one of last week's featured 4 @ 4 videos.

(* If you're curious about the search spikes in May of 2009 and June of 20010, this LeBron James game-"winning" shot and this event might, respectively, be the likely cuplrits.)