Big in Germany: Ballet Flashmob

March 08, 2011

Flashmobs are one of the most persistent trends on YouTube. Some sing, others dance. Some do both. Some get married. But every time the form is on the verge of feeling tired and forced, a new one pops up in a place we didn't expect. This week's flashmob is classically trained, and they're very popular in Germany.

According to the uploader, this performance in Berlin's primary train station features more than 200 dance enthusiasts, including the entire ensemble of the Berlin State Ballet as well as a group of ballet students. Since Saturday, the clip has been viewed over 200,000 times, mostly in Germany where it's currently among the Most Shared and Most Viewed videos.

It appears to be closely tied to a new production of "Oz - The Wonderful Wizard" going up in the city.

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