Inside YouTube Search: Super Bowl Ads After the Game

February 07, 2011

Rather than our usual "Inside YouTube Search" feature this morning, we're digging into the top video search trend of the past 24-hours: commercials from last night's Super Bowl.

In the two hours immediately following the game, some ads saw huge spikes in search interest, the clear top two being Best Buy's commercial with Justin Bieber and Ozzy Ozborne and the Chrysler commercial starring Eminem.

There appeared to be the most interest in celebrity or Hollywood-driven ads right after the game ended, but this morning, there's been increased interest in the quirky, funny, unique ads we often think of when we think of when we think of Super Bowl commercials. It is worth noting, however, that the morning's spikes are not as high.

Here is a list of the top ad-related rising searches from yesterday and today:

Two hours after the game:
This morning:
What ad from prior to 2011 saw the biggest spike? Mean Joe Green Coke commercial from 1979.

Stay tuned later today for a breakdown on the viewing numbers for the top ads. You can watch all the ads here.