Protests in Egypt, One Week In

February 01, 2011

It's been a week since protests started in Egypt, and YouTube's CitizenTube has collected roughly raw 100 videos from the major demonstrations in the country's major cities in the playlist below:

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here.)

In partnership with Storyful, we've also curated playlists with organized footage from each day's events:

Tuesday, January 25

Wednesday, January 26

Thursday, January 27

Friday, January 28

Saturday, January 29

Sunday, January 30

Monday, January 31

Tuesday, February 1

Wednesday, February 2

In addition to the footage coming out of Egpyt, videos have also been uploaded from various solidarity protests held outside Egyptian embassies in a number of major cities around the world, which mostly began last Friday. Those cities include London, Madrid, Frankfurt, Toronto, Jeddah, San Francisco, Dublin, Milan, Tunis, and Paris, among others. You can see that footage collected here.