Your Words to President Obama

January 27, 2011

Today, YouTube sat down with President Obama for an interview featuring questions submitted by users from around the world. In the six days that voting was open, YouTube received 139,632 questions from 193,066 people who cast 1.38 million votes.

The questions were distributed among seven different categories: Education, Health Care, Foreign Policy, Jobs/Economy, Immigration, Energy/Environment, and Other. We took the top voted five thousand questions and divided them up into their respective categories to see what the most commonly used words were in the questions we received. We then created images from those words using Wordle.

We wanted to get an idea of how our users chose to express their concerns and questions to the President of the United States on each of these important issues. Here's what we found:

(Click images to open full-size.)


Jobs & the Economy

Energy & the Environment

Foreign Policy & National Defense


Health Care


Below, you can watch the interview and see which questions made it: