Your Super Bowl Week Trends: 'Black and Yellow,' 'Teach Me How to Raji'

January 31, 2011

Whether or not Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" anthem was specifically targeted at the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team's Super Bowl run has definitely helped drive more views to the music video for the song, which, as we examined, spurred a number of popular imitations. A quick look at the data shows that there's definitely been a steady rise in daily views as the season has progressed.

Those large spikes you see in the past month coincide with weekend days. You can mouse-over the dots to see how big events this season affected viewership:

There are a number of music videos that have grown popular in Green Bay as well, though none of them are by artists as mainstream as Wiz Khalifa and would mostly be considered parody songs. But it seems a new dance trend might also be brewing up in Wisconsin heading into the Super Bowl thanks to a recent 4th-quarter touchdown by lineman B.J. Raji.

Creating videos for the dance -- which combine's Raji's celebration with the music from one of 2010's biggest dance-trends, the "dougie" -- seems to be gaining a little popularity among Packer fans this week. We've pulled together a playlist of those clips below, including one from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, which is one of the Most Shared/Viewed videos in Milwaukee today.

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