Which 'Jersey Shore' Star is Most Popular on YouTube?

January 13, 2011

The third season of MTV's "Jersey Shore" kicked off last week and we're seeing a big bump in interest for videos related to the show's cast. So who is the most popular?

While interviews with and parodies of all the cast members are all over the site, Snooki, Pauly D, and Vinny G each also have popular YouTube channels of their own that have drawn over 23 million views combined.

Pauly D has the most views of the bunch with 14.6 million, 3.8 million of which coming from the "No Americano" clip above. SnookTV has almost 8 million views and has recently helped stir up a feud with "View" host Joy Behar. Vinny is just about to top 1 million, but his recent "Black and Guido" video has been among the most-shared clips for days now.

But if we go by YouTube search interest in the show's stars, Snooki's the clear winner. The graph below compares the terms "snooki" (blue), "the situation" (yellow), "pauly D" (red), "jwoww" (green), "sammi" (purple). We left out "vinny" and "ronnie," because those those terms are tied to too many unrelated subjects. As you can see, all five have seen a big spike in 2011 as the new season has kicked off:

More fun facts: while overall searches are definitely concentrated in the Northeast, searches for Snooki are most popular in, unsurprisingly, New Jersey, but searches for Pauly D are most popular in his home state: Rhode Island.

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