Southeast Storm Brings Unique Weather Reports

January 18, 2011

Weather footage has always been popular on YouTube, as we know, and weather experts and enthusiasts have lately been adding to the pool of up-to-the-minute weather info by posting their own raw reports from the field.

Even some pros are in on it, with meteorologists from local stations WGHP, KRQE, KDVR, and KFGO posting webcam videos with between-broadcast news. We've also seen ski expert weather reports posted providing conditions for winter sports fans.

The untrained experts, however, have a little added personality. The largest recent influx of non-professional reports came from the Southeastern United States, where a winter storm caused a lot of problems in the past week. We've collected a bunch of amateur reports coming from the Georgia, South Carolina, and other southeast states, starting with a particularly funny update that's became one of our Most Shared videos overall and racked-up nearly half a million views over the long weekend:

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here.)

Ok, that last one is from Massachusetts today, but it was too amusing not too include.