Icy Temperatures Mean Cold Weather Magic

January 25, 2011

Temperatures have dropped across the Northern Hemisphere and we've begun to see a rise in popularity for a specific kind of cold weather video.

The most common videos are the variety showing cold weather residents tossing cups of boiling water into the and watching them "magically" evaporate. We've seen them from Saskatchewan, Minnesota, Toronto, Pennsylvania, and Ontario. This one, which was filmed in -30F temperatures in Canada's Northwest Territories and posted earlier this month, has been heavily shared and was viewed nearly three million times:

We also spotted this one, with a YouTube user substituting coffee for water.

It turns out that searches for "icy" videos this past week were relatively the highest they've ever been, and even some older videos have been drawing interest. For example, one video of some bubbles freezing from two years ago suddenly went from a few hundred views to over 150,000.

The Mount Washington Observatory posted their own "frozen bubble" video this week:

So are you over the winter yet? If our data is any indication, you likely already are.