How Soon Till Spring?

January 21, 2011

It may only be mid-January, but if searches for YouTube videos are any indication, we might already be pretty sick of snowy winter weather.

According to YouTube data, searches for "snow" videos generally peak in December, which could mean that while we like to take in the winter weather when it first arrives, we are not excited about looking at more of it after the holidays. (Interesting aside: searches containing "snow" are most proportionately-popular in Ireland ...where the band Snow Patrol is from.)

Searches for "snow storm" were at the highest they'd ever been (by far) at the end of this past December during the big winter storm that blanketed the Northeast. As we documented, time-lapse footage of that blizzard was very popular late last month among users. "Snow Storm" video searches are most regionally popular in Canada.

Here's a quick look at the popularity of "snow" searches over the last few years: