Fast Rapping Is the New Regular Rapping

January 24, 2011

Early last week, LA-based performer and writer George Watsky posted a video of his high-speed hip-hop delivery. The clip, which is still among our Most Shared today, rose in popularity nearly as fast as his rhymes came out and drew a big response from the YouTube community. By Tuesday morning, he was already among our fastest rising searches and was featured in our 4 at 4.

Some users are even comparing him to some fast-rapping legends. Twista or not, "Pale Kid," as he identifies himself in the title, saw his video quickly rise to popularity, picking up nearly a million views just last Wednesday (more detail in the chart below).

Like any legit rapper, Watsky's already getting disses from other users and some YouTube performers are trying to prove their skillz against his (warning: videos contain profanity). You can be the judge.

But the most common reactions we've found are from fans of his clip who've turned it into a challenge and decided to read his lyrics on camera as fast as they can. Here are 10 attempts, with varying levels of success:

(Use the arrows to navigate between videos or watch them all here.)