Wild Winter Weather Footage Spreads

December 15, 2010

Winter has arrived, and so has brutal weather across North America. Accompanying video from eyewitnesses caught in the middle of it has been particularly popular so far this week.

YouTuber bothellwa2010 captured this footage over the weekend that's made the rounds of flooding in Washington's Stillaquamish River. (Other angles here and here)

Motorists in Sarnia, Ontario were left stranded on the highway overnight as a winter storm blasted the area, which is near Michigan. One driver captured this incredible footage from aboard one of the trucks. (more here)

Meanwhile, a rare tornado caused a lot of damage yesterday in Aumsville, Oregon. YouTuber green03lantern captured a number of clips of the storm's aftermath, including this clip below of a power line exploding. (Warning: Shocked Adult Language)

Tel Aviv also saw a pretty big storm this week.

Not everybody was completely put out by the wild weather this week however...

As seen on Fark.