Which Are More Popular: Dogs or Cats?

December 16, 2010

We get it, YouTube is a definitely go-to resource for sweet cat videos. But here's something kind of interesting: in 2010, more people were searching for videos about "dogs". The graph below compares searches for "dogs" (red) and "cats" (blue) over the course of 2010:

(Disclosure: Ok, that said, it's worth noting though that "kitty" was definitely far more searched in 2010 than "puppy," and we're only looking at searches for these pets here not views of videos containing them.)

For those interested, the top spiking, dog-related search terms in 2010 were "dancing merengue dog" (below), "glee dog days," and "batman dog." With cats, it was "omg cat" (below), "standing cat," "keyboard cat original," and "dj cat."

Also, here's something else, our search data appears to show that searches for these pets are more regionally popular in northern states, like Maine, than southern ones:

While that seems to be the case with dogs and cats, we also found that searches for "alligators" have a pretty different regional appeal:

(Note: Check back later this week when we reveal the most watched pet and animal videos of 2010.)