Top 10 Most Shared Videos of 2010

December 28, 2010

In the lead-up to the holidays, we shared 12 days of top 10 lists from 2010 covering a slew of genres and categories. Today, we've got one more interesting one.

We dug through our data to pull out the top 10 Most Shared videos of the year. These are the videos from the past year that had the most views from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Each of the top 10 had at least 1.5 million views via sharing platorms. Interestingly, a significant portion came from the latter part of the calendar, and YouTube's biggest lip-sync star this Fall, teenager Keenan Cahill, makes more than one appearance.

Find the full list below (warning: #3 contains profanity) or view it as a playlist:

Update: #2 is no longer available and has been removed.

(May take a moment to load.)

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Note: This list excluded pro music videos.