Sesame Street Builds on YouTube Audience This Fall

December 10, 2010

Sesame Street has seen a drastic rise in YouTube viewership this fall, bringing its total views up to roughly 200 million. The popularity is partially attributable to a balance between the show's traditional core programming and a number of clips that went viral like "Smell like a Monster" and "I Love My Hair," which was posted October 12th and drew over a million views -- as well as a very popular Willow Smith mash-up.

Celebrity cameos along with those videos -- as well as other more recent ones like the "app for that" parody and Cookie Monster's SNL audition -- have helped Sesame Street draw over 93 million views since September. And that doesn't even include the Katy Perry segment, which, though it never aired on television, was posted on Perry's own channel and accumulated over 8.9 million views.

The most popular video is "the Elmo song," which was first posted in February of 2009. That video was featured on the site when Elmo sat down for a YouTube interview earlier this fall, which helps account for the sudden uptick as well.

The chart below tracks the monthly views Sesame Street videos have had since January of 2009:

To get a sense for what's performed well, you can view the most popular Sesame Street YouTube videos of all-time below: