How'd It Go Viral: Double Rainbow

December 17, 2010

As we've been reflecting back on the biggest trends of 2010, there's one thing about one of the web's favorite videos of the year: Paul Vasquez's double rainbow spotting in Yosemite National Park.

What you might not realize is that the video was actually posted on January 8th and it wasn't until July that it finally took off. In fact, it had only been played 200 times between the day it hit YouTube and the end of June.

In early July, a link to the video was tweeted by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel as the clip was picked up by a number of pop-culture sites on its way to becoming the fastest rising search term of that month. It's been viewed over 21 million times since. Here's a look at the videos views from the day it was posted into August, demonstrating the unique path this video took to internet fame: