How Justin Bieber's 'Baby' Became 2010's Most-Watched Music Video

December 14, 2010

Justin Bieber joined Lady Gaga this November as the only other artist to surpass one billion views on their YouTube channel. A big part of that was his song, "Baby," which was posted in February and was the most watched music video on YouTube this year.

It's also currently the most-viewed music video of all-time.

Unlike most other really popular music videos which see a big spike when first released, "Baby" has held a large, steady audience every month since it was posted. Here's a breakdown of monthly averages, including views all over the world:

But there's also something else that was pretty different about how this video gets viewed...

The chart below is indicative of something that we noticed over the entire lifespan of the Bieber video. According to YouTube data, there's a sharp rise in views for "Baby" every seven days each Saturday. In fact, over the 90 days we looked at, Saturday views were one third higher than the average for other days of the week. Check it out:

While the weekend bump seems to be a common phenomenon with our top music videos of the year, none of the others really saw it to the same extent.