CGI Artists from Taiwan Build American Pop-Culture Audience

December 09, 2010

By this time, it's likely you've come across some irreverent, pointed CGI animated news from Next Media Animation in Taiwan.

The World Edition is the latest iteration of the Chinese-language NMA News, which scored a viral hit with its depiction of the Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno ordeal. NMA News has drawn 28.9 million views in the year since it launched.

The Next Media Animation launched the American pop-culture-focused channel -- World Edition -- in March and it has slowly grown in popularity in the United States, Canada, and Australia since. World Edition has far smaller total viewership than its foreign-language counterpart so far, but as this graph of weekly views for the channel shows, that viewership has been on the rise this fall, thanks in large part to their popular visualization of the TSA ordeal.

Most recently, World Edition has put out two videos regarding WikiLeaks, but they've also put out the video below looking back at their 2010 scandal coverage:

(Mouse over to see the major videos)