'Family Feud' Awkwardness 'Gets Passed Around'

February 14, 2011

Comedian Steve Harvey took over "Family Feud" hosting duty in September and the show has been uploading its funniest -- and most awkward -- moments to YouTube since, producing viral hits in October and November, with this Fast Money answer (1.1M views) and this survey response (1.3M), respectively.

But a new clip posted earlier this month, a response to the survey prompt "Name something that gets passed around," picked up over 4 and a half million views last week. It's also topped our Most Shared list since Friday, and has been showing regional popularity around the countryon our Trends Dashboard, making it the show's biggest YouTube success of the season and one of the most-viewed entertainment clips of the past month.

The video has drawn a lot of social media attention on Facebook, Twitter, and social bookmarking sites and is most popular with the 35-54 age group, similar to many other "Family Feud" clips, but has also seen appeal among younger age groups. As you can see in the chart below, the video shot up in views late last week and hit a peak of over one million viewers on last Friday alone.

(You're welcome for not including a single "Survey Says" remark in this entire post.)