Trending This Week: Adult Toddlers, 'Star Wars' & 'Assassin's Creed' + Parkour

July 25, 2014

Our mission here at YT Trends HQ is to keep you abreast of all that is viral in the world of video, a mission we take quite seriously. If we have to spend hours (yes, hours) each day combing the site to unearth hidden video gems, then so be it. We wouldn't have it any other way.

On the Spotlight channel this week, we explored the sensation that is meme rap and took the plunge with some epic water slides. Now, let's dive in to some other highlights from the week that was:

Tripp and Tyler - "Things You Can't Do When You're Not a Toddler"

Toddlers have it easy. They can say and do just about anything and get away with it because they're tiny and cute. But when a grown man acts that way, then people apparently have a problem with it. This is the idea that comedy duo Tripp and Tyler (whom you may know from their classic perspective on conference calls in real life) explore in their hilarious take on arrested development. It's possible that someone at YT Trends HQ is a parent to twin toddlers and found that this hit a little too close to home, but we would never admit to that (especially if a certain wife reads this - ahem).

Star Wars - "Star Wars: Force for Change - An Update from J.J. Abrams"

During a week when plot details for the upcoming "Star Wars Episode VII" were apparently revealed (do NOT click on that link if you want to see the movie as it's intended - consider yourself warned), director J.J. Abrams made his own reveal. We don't want to spoil the surprise, but let's just say one lucky fan and a few friends and family could see something before anyone else does on December 18, 2015, and it's all for a good cause. We've already said too much.

Last Week Tonight - "Prison"

Comedian John Oliver and his critically acclaimed show make a second appearance on this blog, with his incisive commentary on the United States prison system. And it's clear we aren't the only ones noticing. With more than 2 million views, this becomes the 16th video from the show to garner at least 1 million views on YouTube. And his former employer, "The Daily Show"? Three videos north of 1 million views, including one with a certain British comedian. Well played, Mr. Oliver. Well played indeed.

Devinsupertramp - "Assassin's Creed Unity Meets Parkour In Real Life - 4K!"

We may not play "Assassin's Creed" with any sort of proficiency, but we know a sweet video when we see it. With the "Unity" trailer having already garnered nearly 9 million views and the game set to drop in late October, Devin Graham (aka devinsupertramp) feeds off that anticipation and takes his own amped-up spin on the video game, pairing it with parkour. Where did parkour start, you might ask? None other than France, where the game is set and where the video was shot, on the streets, walls and roofs of Paris. And, it must be said, unless you're a trained professional, don't try these stunts at home, or anywhere else, for that matter.

--Marc Hertz